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Knuckleheads Cigars


Premium cigars preserved in our cedar-lined, 145 sq ft humidor. Visit the finest humidor in the midwest and peruse our collection of over 200 premium cigars. Let our experts help you find the perfect cigar to compliment your night.


Because nobody’s perfect and everybody’s different. We’ll help you find the safest cleanse for your body.


Pipe tobacco, rolling tobacco, blunt wraps, cigarillos, cigarettes, cigars, shisha, organic herbal blends, e-juice, and snus.


Relax, we have everything you need to weigh it, store it, grind it, roll it, and smoke it. Explore the most diverse selection of Roll Your Own accessories including papers, tips, cases, holders, rollers, ashtrays, lighters, and grinders, dugouts, and air sanitizer. We’ve got you covered.


Gather your friends together and enjoy this Persian tradition. We have hookahs of all shapes and sizes. Browse our enormous assortment of shisha, a molasses-cured tobacco packed with flavor.


Knuckleheads has 150 different incense aromas. Brands like Nag Champa, Gonesh, Morning Star, Wild Rose, Juicy Jay’s..


“Vaporization is an alternative to burning (smoking) that avoids the inhalation of many irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products.” We offer the highest quality, safest vaporizers on the market. Let our experts guide you through the world of misinformation to find the vaporizer that fits your lifestyle.


Keep your wardrobe looking fresh. We support companies who support you. Featuring eco-friendly, stylish threads that fit your lifestyle.


Join the club, everybody’s doing it. In the midst of a market that changes by the minute, our experienced staff strives to provide you with the most accurate information and newest, safest technologies. Find you flavor at Knuckleheads.