Smoking Accessories – Roll-Your-Own (RYO)

We have TONS of rolling papers and blunt wraps!

We have yet to see another smoke shop that even comes close to our selection of papers and blunt wraps, seriously guys. We have a vast array of sizes and flavors. Some of our more popular papers include the slow-burning Elements, RAW, DLX Deluxe, Trip papers, Snoop Dogg papers, Rips, Roor, Quintessential Organic Hemp papers, the tough-to-tear hemp Zen papers and rollers, and the ENTIRE line of Juicy Jays!

We have over 300 Zippos in stock!

Catalogs are available to order a Zippo that suits your special tastes and needs. We also carry various other brands such as Colibri, Firebird, DJeep, Vertigo, Ed Hardy, Clipper, and BIC lighters. Hey Look !! We’re even on the Zippo Website !!!


Ashtrays, Butt Buckets, Cigarette Holders, Pipe Pouches, Swedish Snus, Glass Jars, SLIK silicone jars (NEW), Manic Panic Hair Dye, Sunglasses, Assorted Posters, Bean Bags, Vatra & Dimebags pipe bags, Can Safes, The Original Butthole, Organic Hogwash, I-Tal Hempwick, Zen pipe cleaners, Vector and Iolite butane, Zippo lighter fluid, wood dugouts, metal bats, quartz bats, and MORE!